Dr. Rich Schuttler

Dr.Rich Schuttler

Dr. Rich mentors executives, faculty, and students from around the world in a variety of professional leadership and management settings. Dr. Rich is a customer-driven & quality-focused innovative and engaging international public speaker, educator, business consultant, mentor and author of “Laws of Communication: The Intersection Where Leadership Meets Employee Performance.”
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Joni B. Redick-Yundt

Joni B. Redick-Yundt

Since 2008 Joni created “The Joni Show” which has been broadcast several times each week on Olelo Community Television channel 52. She interviews “movers, shakers and events” in the Honolulu business community who envision success for entrepreneurs and small-business owners! GOvideoHAWAII filmed, edited and produced 24 episodes of Joni Show from 2009 thru 2010 with notable guests Kristian Lei, Nathan (nephew of Donny) Osmond, Jeffery Bow and Dr. Richard Schuttler!
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Journey to Kona

We follow the thoughts of Father James, a Russian Orthodox priest heading a thriving church congregation in the farmlands of southern Georgia, just north of Savannah. He delved into spirituality, being human, creating artwork and discovering himself for 23 years in a unique Orthodox monastery known for raising German Shepherd dogs. Eleven years ago he left the monastery on the next leg of his journey which led him to Georgia. In 2004 he reluctantly joined his family members on a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii and has never been the same since!
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FAMES Hawaii

FAMES Hawaii (FAMES) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to Mentoring, Educating, Motivating and Leadership Development for entrepreneurs and business owners in Honolulu who have a business or want to start a business! GOvideoHAWAII designed and maintained the FAMES website used from 2008 thru 2012 pro bono as a contribution to the business community.
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Ecarlatte Alexandre Straub has lived a truly amazing life in Haiti and since April 2011 in the USA. With the massive 2010 earthquake in her home of Haiti everything she knew was no more. With medical challenges and a bleak future Ecarlatte set out to change the world with her artwork… one canvas at a time! The artwork in this website captures her trials and tribulations, endings and new beginnings, and her love for Life!
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Danny Bohlman

GOvideoHAWAII uses high-definition video, digital photography, slideshows, computer-generated graphics and visual-media websites to give YOUR business a lasting impression! Facebook messaging campaigns, meta-tagging and building blogsites are tools I use to make your business VISIBLE to the digital universe and MEMORABLE to the viewer! Call me with your ideas 808-499-8600
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Jeffery Bow

“My mission is to guide exceptional clients to Brilliance through Balance™. Imagine what it would be like to have someone you can count on and trust to create space for you to vent, release, create, and be supported to achieve important breakthroughs in your life and work. Consider how much better you would feel about your life, knowing that the legacy you have imagined for your contribution would be taking shape today, one deliberate and purposeful step at a time.”
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WILCO Hawaii

We specialize in the acquisition of low market properties in emerging markets. What makes us unique is that we have established relationships with banks and investors which allow us to access the best deals first. WILCO Hawaii’s mission is to provide quality housing at an affordable price for middle income earners and provide rich premiums for private investors.
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Hawaii Real Estate Investors

Hawaii Real Estate Investors (HiREI) is an affiliation of investors ranging from beginners to advanced; part-time enthusiasts to full-time professionals. Our purpose is to facilitate networking and learning in topics such as locating, buying, financing, renting, managing, maintaining, selling, and /or exchanging real estate for investment purposes. In addition to our monthly networking meetings, we also hold periodic seminars and workshops.
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During the month of April the CURVES fitness centers in Wahiawa, Ewa Beach and Waipahu/Kunia are participating in a worldwide 13th Annual CURVES Food Drive to collect food and cash donations to benefit the Hawaii Foodbank! In addition to the food and monetary donations that each club collects, CURVES International is offering clubs the opportunity to win cash prizes for the Hawaii Foodbank.
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About GOvideoHAWAII

Making YOU stand out with high-definition custom video productions tailored for your every need: for websites, on DVD's, documentaries or corporate profiles, formatted for broadcast TV, live streaming-webcasts and MORE!!
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