FAMES Hawaii (FAMES) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to Mentoring, Educating, Motivating and Leadership Development for entrepreneurs and business owners in Honolulu who have a business or want to start a business!  It was formed in 2004 and held their monthly business meetings at D&B’s Ward Centre.

GOvideoHAWAII produced for FAMES in 2010 an on-demand streaming video library of the best guest speakers from 2010!  It adds value to FAMES members and is a continuous return-on-investment for their organization!!  It contains 6 hours of speaker presentations and averaged 500 views per month.  Eventually sliced into 15-minute segments and it was uploaded to FAMES Hawaii YouTube 2010 Guest Speakers Playlist where it still resides.

GOvideoHAWAII designed and maintained the FAMES website used from 2008 thru 2012 to enhance FAMES visitor experience by blending together monthly reviews, video-clips, meeting flyers, announcements, photo albums, the video speaker library AND social media (Facebook)!  It was done as a pro-bono contribution for the betterment of the Hawaii business community and at its peak it averaged 2,000 hits per month! The FAMES Hawaii Youtube Channel currently features the following three productions by GOvideoHAWAII.

The Mission and Passion of FAMES!


— click to play video —

FAMES 2011 Gala Fundraiser in Honolulu


— click to play video —

FAMES 2013 FREE Workshop in Honolulu


— click to play video —


About GOvideoHAWAII

Making YOU stand out with high-definition custom video productions tailored for your every need: for websites, on DVD's, documentaries or corporate profiles, formatted for broadcast TV, live streaming-webcasts and MORE!!
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