The annual Lantern Floating Ceremony is held each year in Honolulu, Hawaii on Memorial Day. Over 40,000 people attended the outdoor ceremony in 2012 and participate in releasing over 2,500 candle-lit floating lanterns into the Hawaiian waters of O’ahu. It is sponsored and produced by the Shinnyo-en community (Honolulu) and is telecast around the world! The event was photographed by our subsidiary, Hawaiian Eye Man (see below), from 2005 through 2009, and filmed in high-definition by GOvideoHAWAIIfrom 2010 through 2012.To see the photo album for the 2010 Lantern Floating, CLICK HERE
Hawaiian Eye Manis a Honolulu-based photography studio specializing in the outstanding flora, landscapes and oceanscapes of Hawaii! Unique local festivities like the Annual Lantern Floating, Christmas in Hawaii, and numerous fireworks displays throughout the year are featured! Private shooting for headshots, family groups shots, birthdays, weddings and business events is also available!At the moment the Hawaiian Eye Man website is unavailable due to construction!  In September 2012 several Eye Man slideshows will be posted here.

GOvideoHAWAII is also taking the Hawaiian Eye Man library of over 80,000 images and producing several HAWAII-themed video-slideshows accompanied by music and chanting of upcoming, new, local performers and hula halau. Currently in production is an Oceanscape video capturing the hypnotic colors of Hawaii’s exquisite and remote beaches, merged with a drifting, flowing, gentle background soundtrack (coming September 2012). Following this will be a vibrant, energetic explosion of color with Hawaii’s exotic flowers and flowering-trees, set to upbeat tribal chanting (also coming September 2012)!!


About GOvideoHAWAII

Making YOU stand out with high-definition custom video productions tailored for your every need: for websites, on DVD's, documentaries or corporate profiles, formatted for broadcast TV, live streaming-webcasts and MORE!!
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