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GOvideoHAWAII uses high-definition video to make YOUR communication powerful, effective and NOTICED!  Custom-made productions, short or long, can be formatted for streaming webcasts, DVD’s, websites and even broadcast TV!  Based in Honolulu, Hawaii we have the equipment, experience and expertise to make YOU stand out like never before!

GOvideo HAWAII has two goals: to promote YOUR business more cost-effectively than ever before, and to reach a larger audience for your messages than you could ever imagine!!

With state-of-the-art high-definition video equipment and our talented staff, we can develop precise marketing solutions in video, slideshow or audio media for distribution over the internet and/or broadcast television.  High-definition video gives your message the visual impact that standard-definition video can’t handle.  You STAND OUT!

We have everything needed to produce your marketing collateral from 30-second spots to 3-minute commercials, and from 10-minute infomercials up to three-hour documentaries to get your message to the right audience!

Everything is scripted, taped, edited and mastered to deliver your message with optimum impact, and in multiple formats for broader distribution.  Whether you need your marketing message on a DVD to send to prospects, or want streaming-video to deliver it on-demand anywhere in the world, we bring all these capabilities to you.

Beyond producing fantastic marketing pieces, our commitment is to support you in getting them out in the world to the people who need and want your offerings!  We combine our skills in internet search-engine-optimization with social-media-strategizing plans to create a “digital footprint” for your business, products and services.  The difference is that with our techniques now the e-world can find you!!

Everything we make is monitored so you can see exactly how many viewers are watching, where they are, and how much traffic is being generated for your website!  Stop throwing your advertising dollars into the wind!!  Our “feedback loop” reporting allows you to see and count the impact and clients your advertising is reaching!

Our goal is to get your message out so that it can be easily retrieved, instead of getting lost in the millions of other websites already out there!

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